Lay Clients

“What a long road this has been to get to this point.

“We have both felt such a range of emotions going through this process but with the support and expertise of such a great legal team it has been worth it.

Thank you for all the hard work (much of it we are probably unaware of) that you have undertaken on our behalf.

“While (our daughter) will never be as she should have been, this payout will be used to give her the best chance of enjoying her life through a good care team, lovely home, great therapy, good equipment and parents who can enjoy life with her rather than spending all our time just caring for her. Thank you.”
Parents of 12-year-old girl with cerebral palsy


“Simon is a highly skilled professional who always puts his client’s best interests first.”
Mother of 17-year-old girl with severe arm injury


“Through very unfortunate circumstances my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Simon Fox who represented and supported us through a lengthy legal battle.

“Dr Fox’s knowledge and professionalism shone through from our very first meeting where he made us feel comfortable and at ease whilst thoroughly explaining the legal process, his role and the merits of our claim.

“During our legal journey with Mr Fox he continually reassured us in a comforting manner especially on occasions when he needed to deliver some difficult news. His down to earth nature was emphasised by his use of non-legal jargon to help us understand exactly what was going on.

“Through some difficult times Dr Fox was both caring and thoughtful and felt almost like our counsellor on occasions. We always felt relaxed discussing some very personal issues with Dr Fox and his calming and comforting nature made him very approachable and easy to talk to. By the end of our legal claim we regarded Dr Fox, not just as our barrister but as a friend and will always have the utmost respect and regard for him.

“Throughout a very long legal journey we were in awe of Dr Fox’s knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism, especially during the conclusion of our claim.

We couldn’t recommend Dr Fox highly enough for anybody requiring his services.”
30-year old man with Cauda Equina


“Calm and reassuring, Simon explained every aspect of the case. His advice and guidance was superb.”
60-year-old man rendered paraplegic by delay in treatment